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Victoria Secret Model's dangle the (diamond) carats!

As the Victoria Secret Models hit the runway, we marvel at the magic of diamond underwear! 

It's that time of year again! No - not Halloween. No - Fireworks is done. No - I'm not talking Christmas yet. I'm talking Victoria's Secret and more importantly the runway show that took place in New York. Featuring performances by Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd, it's sure to be a good watch when it airs on the 8th December.


But down to business! Let me be, let me your fantasy! (You sang that didn't you?) 

The Fireworks Fantasy Bra is one of the most coveted items. Costing a cool $2 Million, this year it was modelled by Lily Aldridge and well, WOW.

Looking like an explostion of chrysanthemum/firework fabulousness, this years version featured over 6500 precious gems. It took more than 685 hours to create and includes red garnet, blue topaz, yellow sapphire and pink quartz - all set in 18K gold. And we haven't even mentioned the diamonds yet. 126 dazzling diamonds on the pants alone!! It's a wonder they didn't fall down with all those carats. 

Lily Aldridge Fantasy Bra

Another Angel on the runway was Kendall Jenner - making her debut for Victoria Secret and cemeting her place as a bonafide supermodel. She looked right at home in her diamond encrusted underwear - Congratulations Miss Jenner! 

Kendall Jenner Diamond underwear


I for one, am looking forward to watching the full show!

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