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2017 Engagement Ring Trends

Looking for a diamond ring? What’s hot and on trend this year?


Solitaire engagement rings will always be a timeless classic, however in 2017 we are seeing a rise in the popularity of multi-stoned rings. When choosing a ring, remember that it is going to last a lifetime, so my advice is that you need to be careful not to pick a style that will be a 2017 ‘fad’ but instead something that will stand the test of time. The three-stone trilogy, the halo and the cluster rings have become more and more popular over the last couple of years; a trend set to continue this year.

Belle Diamond Trilogy Engagement RingDesign your own or off-the shelf? Well, the move to designing your own ring has been the big trend for a number of years now. You no longer need to settle for ‘nearly’ but can now choose the metal, the individual diamonds, right down to their clarity and colour, and even select the way the diamond is cut. [links] You can use on-line tools like our own to play around with a nearly infinite selection or if you still can’t get it quite right then phone us up and design it in person with us (0330 022 0441).

In terms of what metal to choose, you can’t go wrong with the ever-popular yellow or white-gold, but Rose gold has been on trend for a couple of years now and remains so; this feminine shade flatters all skin tones and is ideal for brides who want something current and warm.


A word of warning – steer clear from silver, it really isn’t precious enough to sit alongside a gorgeous diamond.



Trilogy Rings


Jasmine Trilogy Diamond Engagement RingA style of ring set to continue their comeback this year! The three-stone ring makes an impressive statement and often has a price advantage because the stones used are generally smaller than a large single solitaire. The trilogy style also allows greater choice as many combinations of stones and shapes are possible.


Generally, the three stones that give the Trilogy style its name, can be smaller than a single diamond on a solitaire because, by working together, they can sparkle to great effect. Three stones allow greater choice as many combinations of stones and shapes are possible. You can have them all similar or mix different cuts and sizes, for example by having a large emerald-cut centre, flanked by two smaller brilliant round cuts (see our diamond shape guide).


The three stones are said to signify the past present and future phases of your life, also some believe the significance of the three relates to the Holy Trinity.


With three stones, and the possibility to design your own ring, then you can be truly adventurous and create an engagement ring that is perfect!

Venizia Diaomnd Engagement Ring

[image: Venizia diamond trilogy ring in yellow gold]


Intertwined bands


We are seeing a strong move to something more than the simple gold band, and a particular favourite for 2017 are the intertwined, or crossover, rings. Usually made of two or three different bands which cross each other symbolising intertwining love.


The metal used can be the same on each band, or different as is the case on the ‘Russian’ style of ring which has three bands, one of rose gold, one of yellow and one of white.


These are particularly ideal if a plain wedding band isn’t for you and can also be used as an alternative engagement ring style.

Barcelona intertwined diamond ringSochi intertwined diamond ring

[image: Barcelona intertwined diamond ring]             [image: Sochi intertwined diamond ring]



Unique Halo


Abigail halo diamond engagement ringWith a larger centre stone surrounded by a glistening halo of smaller stones, drawing attention to the centre show-piece diamond, Halo’s have been popular for a while; however, this year’s trend is to go a little more unique and add some extra design touches to the setting of the halo.


Jemma Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

We’re loving the movement away from a traditional round diamond in the centre to something a little less ordinary such as an emerald cut or marquise cut centre diamond surrounded by a halo of similar shape.

Elizabeth Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

[image: Elizabeth Halo ring with marquise cut diaomnd. Rose gold]  




Chloe Diamond Engagement RingIf you are still not convinced, and prefer to stay with a more traditional solitaire, then you can still look for a bit of individualism like going for a twist mount such as on the Chloe solitaire engagement ring. At the end of the day, the classic solitaire diamond ring will never ever go out of style.


To match or not to match? 

Buying an engagement ring and a wedding ring which match is somewhat of a recent fashion. Antique and vintage rings were usually made as individual items and not as a matching pair, and thus is was quite normal to have two rings of differing designs. This is in fact a trend expected to grow in 2017, with brides picking “un-matching” rings separately rather than a matching set.


So what’s our advice when choosing your ring? In a nutshell, anything goes! Whether you prefer a perfectly matched set, a stunning solitaire or a selection of individual creations, 2017 doesn’t have any rules - it’s all about celebrating and demonstrating love in whichever way suits you best.

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