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Second Largest Diamond in the world discovered!

The worlds second largest diamond has been discovered in Botswana.

Imagine being the miner who discovered a diamond the size of a tennis ball?! That's exactly what happened recently at the Karowe Mine in central Botswana. Owned by Canadian mining firm Lucara, the diamond weighed a gigantic 1,111 carats!


Worlds second largest diamond Karowe AK6

Known as the Karowe AK6, it is the largest diamond to be found in over a century!

Similar in size to a tennis ball it weights in at 222 grams. Wow. It's impressive size comes in second place to the Cullinan Diamond, found in 1905 and from which stones were cut to fit into the British Crown Jewels.

I wonder what fate awaits the Karowe AK6? It's surely destined for fabulous things! 

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