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Make sure you're big in the right department!

How to select the right size diamond to create the perfect engagement ring for you!

SIZE MATTERS…when it comes to diamond engagement rings!

And our new press ad featured in today’s Evening Standard highlights exactly that point!

 Hatton By Design advert Evening Standard


But never fear – Hatton by Design is here! And it's our mission to make sure you're big in the diamond department.

Confused about carat weights? What does 1ct look like? Will it look good on her hand? So many questions in the quest to your perfect engagement ring!

Hatton by Design has pulled together some handy tips and visual aids to help!

Diamonds are sold by the carat – a measurement of weight that most people associate with size. Diamonds are after all a girl’s best friend and let’s face it, size matters!

Fast Facts:

  • The word carat comes from the ‘carob’ seed, the original unit of measure for diamond traders.
  • Today, one carat is equal to exactly 0.2grams.
  • Two diamonds of equal carat weight can have a difference appearance and very different costs depending on their cut, clarity and colour. Ah yes! The 4 C’s!

If the recipient’s heart is set on a certain size, then carat weight will probably be the most important factor. Once size is established, the remaining criteria can be balanced to suit your budget.

Even though the price of a diamond exponentially increases with the carat weight, the actual physical size does not. Using the size relationship between diamonds of 1, 2 and 3 carat weights as an example - when the weight triples from 1 to 3 carats, the perceived size roughly triples, however the diameter increases only 45% and the crown area slightly more than doubles.

 1 2 3 carats


The cut of a diamond can also make it appear smaller or larger depending on its depth. A deeply cut diamond will hide most of its carat weight and have a smaller diameter. A well cut diamond may infact be lighter in weight but appear bigger due to its wider diameter.

Adding a ‘Halo’ – a line of smaller diamonds that surround the centre stone is a clever way of boosting the appearance of your engagement ring. Visually beautiful, it’s certain to impress!

Halo Effect

You can view Hatton by Design's range of engagement rings here. There are some beautiful Halo designs such as Amalfi, Florence, Seychelles and Manhatten - great ideas for Honeymoons too! 

At Hatton by Design we aim to provide our customers with diamonds that not only fit your budget but also surpass all the 4C’s to achieve a diamond perfectly balanced and absolutely beautiful to behold!

We will always make sure you’re big in the right department.

For more visual aids and ring inspiration, please visit our Pinterest Page - The Diamond Edit.





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