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Worlds largest Blue Star Sapphire discovered in City of Gems!

Sri Lanka unveils the largest blue star sapphire in the world.

It seems 2015 truly was a record breaking year for large precious stones! Ratnapura, a town in Sri Lanka has lived up to it’s nickname ‘City of Gems’ with the discovery in August of the largest blue star sapphire in the world!

Weighing a hefty 1404 carats and with an estimated value of between £68-120 Million, this is certainly a big deal!

Largest Blue Star Sapphire in the world

The new owner has decided to remain anonymous, understandably nervous considering the value. The blue star sapphire is clearly too large for a piece of jewellery and more suited to a museum – I would certainly love to view it!

Blue star sapphires are named due to the frequent appearance of a star in the middle created by a light reflection phenomenon called asterism. This record breaker has been named ‘Star of Adam’. I wonder where we will see it next?




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