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A Valentine's Day Proposal

With Valentine's Day on the horizon we propose thinking about the perfect diamond engagement ring.

Did someone say Valentines? 

With just three and a half ish weeks to go until Valentines Day, it’s time to get organised!!!

But hang on, why are we celebrating?! We all know that Valentines is THE day for love, romance, declaring your love and not being ashamed to say it! A day for watching with eager eyes as the post is delivered and certainly looking out for who gets the biggest bunch of flowers arriving at their work desk?! A touch embarrasing but totally amazing too!   

But why now? How did it all begin? I wish I could tell you precisely but the history is shrouded in mystery. Did Saint Valentine help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons? Did he continue to perform secret marriages for young man banned from marriage and forced to fight in Emperor Claudius II’s army? Or was he imprisoned himself only to fall in love and send a love letter signed ‘From your Valentine’? Whichever legend is true, it’s clear his sympathetic nature was highly popular and by the Middle Ages, Saint Valentine was the most popular Saint in Britain and France. 

Today approximately 150 million Valentines’ cards are exchanged every year making Valentine’s Day the second most popular card-sending celebration after Christmas.  

Valentines Day I think I want to marry you  

Being such an iconic day for love, it’s not surprising that some use Valentines as a springboard to a marriage proposal. Are you thinking of popping the question? Hang on, we surely need a song here….I’ll throw in one of my favourite wedding proposals for good measure! Tissues on standby! 



So if you're thinking of proposing - firstly, Congratulations!! It's such an exciting time! Please give the lovely team at Hatton by Design a call!

We have access to 80% of the worlds diamonds and our master craftsmen based in the heart of Hatton Garden are ready to help make your diamond engagement ring dreams come true. We can work to every budget to create you the most perfect engagement ring and I’m certain we can surpass your expectations every step of the way. It's THE question that will change your life - we know just how much it means to you and we'd love to help you. 

If you’re not in the ‘proposal zone’ yet but you want to impress your love on Valentines then I highly recommend our Valentines Gift selection with diamond earrings (one size fits all!), diamond necklaces and bracelets - all sure to make 2016 a Valentines to remember! 




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