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Valentines Day Proposal Prank

The Valentines proposal prank that actually makes us feel the love! 

I'm in two minds about this one! Valentines Day proposal pranks - funny or mean?! 

The prank isn't on the Bride or Groom - thank goodness!! That would NOT be funny at all! 

The joke is on the general public and what strikes me most, isn't the joke but it's the genuine joy and excitement most onlookers display when they first notice the proposal taking place! They smile, gasp, gesture to their friends to look, encourage the Bride to accept - every action is hopeful and kind.

Emotions quickly turn to shock and disappointment with some offering comfort to the would-be Groom in the aftermath. This just reinforces to me how special marriage and love is - how love is so important and so meaningful. If strangers on the street get the smallest whiff of love in the air, the reaction is instant and heartwarming. It reminds me of a classic wedding reading '...Love is patient. Love is kind..." 

OK enough romantic day dreaming for one day! Back to business. If you are thinking of popping the question, Hatton by Design are happy to help create your perfect diamond engagement ring! We have access to 80% of the worlds diamonds, over 40 years of experience and the finest master craftsmen in Hatton Garden. And we're nice! Just saying! 

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