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Hatton Garden Crime Scene set to become Museum piece!

The Hatton Garden heist ‘scene of the crime’ is to be moved to the Museum of London.

Hatton Garden heist vault robbery


Brainchild of the Vault’s new owner, property tycoon, David Pearl, who believes this will be a ‘fascinating museum piece’ the public will ‘flock to visit’. The heist, as it’s known, is the biggest robbery in English history and it has certainly captured our attention - especially when we learnt the men responsible were not the acrobatic, criminal masterminds we imagined but infact, seven men in their 60’s-70’s!  

Hatton Garden robbers heist


One man, known as ‘Basil’ is still at large, whereas the remaining six men have all been sentenced to several years in prison. With two thirds of the loot unaccounted for, we wonder where Basil is hiding?! Where is all the missing jewellery and diamonds? Will he ever be found? 


According to the Sunday Telegraph, the vault will be recreated exactly as it was left by the robbers, the wall with it’s drilled hole and the heavy iron gate guarding the vault are said to be moving to the Museum. With a film rumoured to be in the pipeline, David Pearl might just be right! 



Hatton Garden heist vault crime scene



Hatton Garden heist hole in vault wall drill


Would you go to see it? I might be tempted if there's a few diamonds on display too! 

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