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Social Media & Your Wedding - Three Top Tips!

You know you’re a social media fan when your wedding trends on Twitter! 

It's a sign of the times when weddings start to trend on Twitter! No, we're not talking A-list celebrities, recently weddings based in America and the UK have made the 'trending' list using their own hashtag! How amazing is that!  

Would you want your wedding to trend on Twitter? I guess it depends if you’re a Twitter fan?!  

Here are our three top tips to create a level of sharing you're comfortable with!


With so many social media channels, it’s becoming the norm to add a polite ‘social media instruction’ at the start of all weddings. Some newlyweds are happy for the day to be shared in it's immediate entirety. Others instruct guests to WAIT before posting any photos so that any evening guests don’t get the surprise of the Bride’s dress spoilt.


Bride and Groom's who are happy for guests to share often assign a specific hashtag for guests to use so that everyone’s photos can be collectively viewed. If you opt for this, try making your # truly specific, otherwise you may end up with someone else’s wedding in the mix!


Some Brides’s and Groom’s may prefer for photos to remain entirely private. If this is the case, make it perfectly clear to your guests.

Whatever your preference, social media is certainly a point worth considering in your wedding planning!

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