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Flash the Flesh Wedding

It’s the wedding everyone’s talking about for all the wrong reasons! 

Flash the Flesh wedding - risqué wedding guest outfits Kim Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian


The recent wedding of nightclub owner David Grutman to Brazilian model Isabela Rangel in Miami has been dubbed the ‘flash the flesh wedding’. No mention of love, commitment or the exchange of wedding rings - in this case, instead of the reveal of the Bride’s gown, this wedding story is all about the guests revealing outfits! 


With Kim Kardashian West, Courtney Kardashian and Stacey Kiebler ALL dressed in very risque outfits, there has been little mention of the Bride and Groom in the press at all!   


I love wedding and I enjoyed looking at everyone’s beautiful outfits at my own wedding - It was simply fabulous to see what an effort had been made and how stunning everyone looked!


However, if several of my guests turned up in headline grabbing, revealing outfits, I’m not sure how pleased I would be? Does celebrity allow you to flaunt all the rules? Or should guests show a little more respect to the Bride? After all it’s your one big day and the Bride and Groom should surely be the only stars! What do you think? If your wedding guests tried to upstage you, would you mind?

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