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Five Perfect Summer Proposal Ideas

Love is in the air and the sun is shining - we suggest some perfect proposals! 

Planning a proposal and unsure how to pop the question? Firstly, you’re not alone! With so many creative tales online of extravagant and original proposals, it’s easy to feel the pressure! And if your Bride or Groom-to-be has high expectations, then even more reason to be prepared! The story will after all undoubtedly be retold for years to come!

But fear not, as long as the answer is YES, that’s all that matters! Asking someone to marry you, to love you and spend the rest of their life with you, should be meaningful and personal to you - it doesn’t have to be a hugely grand jumping-through-hoops-style gesture! 

As May draws to a close and the sunshine begins to shine, summer provides lots of new proposal options. If your budget doesn’t stretch to flash mobs or orchestras, the most obvious opportunity is the summer holiday. Whether you prefer to spend the summer months relaxing at the beach, hiking the Appalachian Trail, island hopping or city exploring, we have some perfectly simple proposal ideas for you…

A Photo Booth Proposal - Summer sees the rise of photo booths, popping up at festivals, funfairs, weddings and most events! With a bit of planning, you can capture your proposal on camera as it happens! Remember to ask quickly as those cameras tend to flash quickly. What a perfect reminder of your magical moment.

Keep it simple with a Cuppa - We’re a nation of Tea lovers and we all enjoy a coffee too. If your beloved loves nothing more than a good natter over a cup of tea or coffee, perhaps you could make it a drink to remember. Particularly helpful if your nerves get the better of you, you can let your cup do the talking with a personalised mug. Either request your barista to spell out ‘marry me’ in cocoa on the top (you’ll need to provide the stencil!) or you can buy a mug that reveals the question when empty - sure to be the favourite mug forever more!

Adrenaline junkies might prefer a more energetic proposal. Parasailing is a popular beach activity and although it might be risky to carry an engagement ring up with you, a mid-air proposal whilst sharing a private view of the shoreline below would certainly be memorable.

How about hiking to a spectacular viewpoint? The engagement selfies would have a fabulous backdrop and it could become a treasured location to revisit in the years to come.

If you’d like your family to be part of your proposal, perhaps set up a scenario where you can propose with family waiting in the wings ready to congratulate you! They could be with you at the venue or perhaps awaiting your return at home for an immediate engagement party!

However you decide to propose, the one thing you definitely need is an engagement ring. If your partner hasn’t already been dropping hints and you’d prefer to choose the ring together, we’re very happy to help you.

Hatton by Design will create the perfect diamond engagement ring for you. Choose from our selections or if you have something more bespoke in mind, we can of course work with you to make your vision a stunning reality. We’ll source the best diamond possible and we can work to every budget. It’s our passion - we can’t wait to help you! Review our selection of diamond engagement rings here or call us to discuss your ideas. 







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