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Find your perfect engagement ring!

As we relaunch Hatton by Design’s website, we’re proud to show you how to find your perfect engagement ring in three easy steps. 

Hatton by Design diamond rings

Today I can share my excitement! We really want to help you find your perfect engagement ring. We love nothing more than seeing happy couples making a commitment to eachother – having a stunning diamond to show off and represent your love is the icing on the cake! It really makes me feel giddy inside. Before I get carried away with the romance of it all, I want to tell you what we’ve been up to!

In our quest to be the best engagement ring creator in the land, we’ve completely revamped our website to reflect our style. We’ve launched a new nifty tool that helps you find your perfect engagement ring and you can design a diamond ring from scratch too! It’s simple to use and the best part is, that it does the hard work for you. It takes your criteria for the 4C’s and finds you the best possible diamonds you can wish for! The team at Hatton by Design are very excited to finally share it with you!

There are two routes to your perfect engagement ring….

FIND your perfect engagement ring will take your initial preferences and suggest 6 stunning rings for your review! Once you’ve selected a style you like, you can choose to amend the diamond to a Lower or Higher Spec. If you want to customise further, you can choose to play with each individual of the 4C’s to fine tune your ring. It’s that easy!!

DESIGN your perfect engagement ring is more selective. Starting with style, you select your favourite shape of diamond and continue to tweak the metal and 4C’s until you’ve created your dream ring.

So what do we have on offer?

We’ve carefully curated a range of engagement rings which are classical, timeless, beautiful, stunning, individual, impressive, contemporary and we think, rather perfect! In order to show you all our capabilities, we’d be here ALL day so if you have an idea in mind that is slightly different to what you see on this site, please get in touch! We love nothing more than creating truly bespoke pieces and our team are very good at making your dreams a reality!

S T Y L E….

Our engagement ring styles are defined by five groups. SOLITAIRE, HALO, DIAMOND SET, TRILOGY and VINTAGE.

You might have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, you might get a nice surprise as you search or you might be clueless as to what to choose. Never fear, there’s nothing not to like here!

Our styles feature several diamond shapes – Brilliant Round, Princess Square, Pear Shape, Marquise, Emerald and Oval and with access to 80% of the world’s diamonds, we’re confident we can source anything you might be looking for!

If you’ve heard of any engagement ring styles before, then you probably know the term ‘Solitaire’ – this style features one diamond as the star of the show.  You can’t go far wrong with a solitaire diamond ring!

solitaire diamond engagement ring hatton by design  

Halo’s add an extra layer of sparkle with smaller diamonds encircling your central diamond. This is useful to add volume to a smaller diamond or add extra punch to a larger diamond. A very glamourous look!

Halo diamond engagement ring hatton by design  

Diamond Set means your diamond is complimented with diamonds set into the band creating a refined and elegant appearance.

Trilogy rings make a statement with identical side stones sitting astride your central diamond. An impressive statement – the bigger your diamond, the bigger the side stones to match!

trilogy diamond engagement ring hatton by design  

Vintage rings usually take on an intricate nature with their distinctive detailing. They stand the test of time with their individual feel.

What's your favourite engagement ring style? Click here to explore our full range. 

MORE news...!

Our second very exciting piece of news is our Wedding Ring page has been upgraded. Featuring seven ring styles, it is now super easy to select the wedding ring of you choice. Metal, Depth and Width can be amended to create your perfect wedding ring. It's that simple! 

wedding rings at hatton by design  


We welcome any feedback to our website and look forward to hearing from you with any questions you might have!

Our Engagement Rings can be discovered here. And our Contact Details are here.

Happy Shopping!




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