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#BacktotheFuture Day - 100 years of Engagement Rings

On #backtothefuture day, we look back at engagement rings from the past 100 years.

It's #backtothefutureday! Yes 21st October 2015 has finally arrived! But what did 1985 bring us? 

Back to the future day

Engagement rings have been around since the Ancient Egyptians. Here’s a look back at the engagement ring trends of the past hundred years:



Due to the prosperity of the Industrial Revolution, engagement rings became a social norm. During the Edwardian Era, platinum was the most common metal used. Some designs were so intricate, the diamonds gave the impression of being set in lace.




The engagement rings of this time period were less feminine than the Edwardian Era and more geometric. Society experienced new technological advancements, new artistic movements, and the victory of World War I. These bold Art Deco style rings with pops of colour from sapphires and rubies mirrored the optimism of the time.



Contrary to the vibe of the WWII society, engagement rings were big and bold, however carried a more feminine feel than Art Deco rings. Platinum was scarce due to the war effort, so gold became the most common metal. Diamonds, although preferred, were considered a luxury. Synthetic rubies and sapphires replaced diamonds as the most commonly used gemstone.




Audrey Hepburn takes this decade! Husband, Mel Ferrer, gave his beloved three different stackable rings, rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold, so she could switch them out to match her outfit. Now that’s our kind of man! You can read more about Audrey Hepburn by clicking here.



Elizabeth-taylor-engagement-ringJackie kennedy engagement ring

The 1960′s spotlight two famous females: Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy. Movie producer, Michael Todd, proposed to Taylor with a 30 carat diamond engagement ring! Jackie O’s ring ushered in a new demand for the incorporation of emeralds into engagement rings.



Cluster rings took center stage. The trends of the past were bid adieu as this new style of engagement ring was adopted by brides-to-be everywhere.




Here it is, the first sighting of perhaps the most famous engagement ring in history: Princess Diana’s oval sapphire. Much like today, with its revival by daughter-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Diana’s ring set off a huge sapphire trend.

1990s-Present day: While halo settings and coloured diamonds are certainly a crowd favorite, no single trend has ruled the engagement ring market. Due to better access to a wider selection of engagement rings (thanks to our friend, the Internet), each couple is able to find a ring that is unique to their tastes and preferences.

Future: While trends continue to evolve, a ring given to you by the one you love never goes out of style! Create your perfect engagement ring today with Hatton by Design. 

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