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For Those Not In The Know: A Man's Guide to Buying Jewellery

Gifting a beautiful piece of jewellery makes life much sweeter, especially for those who aren’t so artful at accessorising. Receiving a gift that holds both sentiment and style is ideal, particularly if we can show off these qualities with a quality piece of jewellery. 

To get there, you’ll want to discover what kind of accessory is best to compliment her with; what type, shape, design, colour… Luckily, this post is filled with tips!

 If You’re Thinking a Ring:

Okay, hear me out. Gifting her a ring-box might seem suggestive if you’re not quite there yet, but it’s the perfect milestone gift if you think you will be there.

– Whilst rings are absolutely synonymous with proposals, there’s a reason why promise rings are popular. Plus, they can be seen as a test-drive for the real thing - handy if you’re slightly petrified by the prospect of getting down on one knee!

– A promise ring can convey all sorts of symbolism, which makes it a really flexible and personalised gift. On the other hand, if you are toying with the idea of popping the question, get In the Know with Alex’s expert advice, ‘A Man’s Guide to Engagement Rings’.


If You’re Thinking Earrings:

A gorgeous set of earrings – probably the easiest way to glamour-up any outfit, including that dinner and drinks attire she threw on in a rush after work, and which definitely wasn’t grabbed from the hamper that morning.

Plus, gifting well-chosen earrings is up there on the list of most-romantic presents; you’re saying you know what would complement her face shape, her hairstyle, her eye colour. (Has anyone seen Midnight in Paris?)

– If she has a cool skin tone, pick earrings that feature red, blue or purple. No clue what she’d prefer? Go with white gold or silver against paler skin. If she’s a warmer tone, go for yellow, orange and green – for example, yellow gold. Plus, the most important rule – diamonds look fantastic with any skin tone!

– Is she a hopeless romantic? Go for a classic heart-shaped stud earring (keep it simple). She’s a little edgy in style? Maybe something eye-catching like our starburst collection will make her dreams come true. If she likes things classic, go for some teardrop sparkle. Dangly earrings are the perfect accompaniment to a simple outfit, adding a touch of luxury – especially if she often wears her hair up, or has a very short cut. This attention to detail could score you some major brownie points…


If You’re Thinking a Bracelet:

 So… There is a huge amount of variety when it comes to bracelets. On the upside, you can be a lot more distinctive with this choice.

– Think about seeing her wear the bracelet: do you want it to be a day-to-day piece, a reminder of you when she’s at work or on a drive? Keep in mind what she does for a living – if your partner has a hands-on occupation, the thought of risking a spotless silver bracelet to on-the-job elements might mean it sits in a drawer instead!

– If she often dresses in business casual, however, you’ve got the perfect opportunity for an everyday accessory to make her smile – but remember, nothing too garish for a day in the office. Go for a simple but stylish link bracelet showcasing high-quality stones. Also, keep in mind what kind of jewellery she might already wear – if she seems to stick to one colour, go for that!

If You're Thinking a Necklace

Necklaces are probably the hardest accessory to get right. Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to try and stealthily measure your girl’s face shape – but keep in mind her eye colour, body type and most importantly, personality traits.

– If your other half is lucked with the proverbial ‘swan neck’, a choker would look lovely. If you’re unsure what thickness to go for, default to a thin band with a simple yet stunning array of stones or links.

– Jewellery draws the eye to whichever part of the body it rests, so for a wider or shorter neck, opt for a fairly long necklace (something that will sit below her collarbone, offering a slimming ‘V’ shape). Again, think about what her go-to style is – if she wears a lot of high-neck clothes, a pendant necklace is a great choice. The pendant could be a small metal charm that signifies something about your relationship. Think personal – a specific type of flower, a landmark charm of somewhere you travelled together, even her birthstone.

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