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For Those Not In The Know: A Man's Guide to Honeymoons

Let’s talk tradition. When it comes to wedding planning, the groom customarily plans elements like band hire and transport. Nowadays, it's more likely you'll want to combine forces when it comes to planning the big things. Organising the perfect honeymoon experience will take some of the pre-wedding pressure off your partner and put the two of you on equal footing from day one.

Firstly, you’re in luck – honeymoons these days don’t have to fit the criteria of sun, sea and sand, and can be in all shapes and forms. Research shows that younger generations generally prefer intimate, personalised gestures than traditional ones (definitely when it comes to engagement rings and proposals) and the honeymoon is no exception. Here’s what you can do to give your bride the ultimate newlywed getaway!

Remember It’s For Two

The most important advice about honeymoons – talk it through. It’s fantastic to take the lead, but showing you’re mindful of her desires is much more important. You only have to watch an episode of Don’t Tell the Bride to see how disastrous a one-man plan can be…

While you might love a beachside resort trip, maybe she dreams of mountains and romantic solitude. You can reach the perfect compromise and still be chief planner; share the initial idea gathering, agree on some potential destinations then take that research away and get creative.


mountain honeymoon


You don’t even have to choose a brand-new destination. Maybe there’s a holiday spot that’s meaningful for you as a couple – where you first met, or a place that has personal significance. 

The Sooner the Better

Everyone thinks of the wedding as a huge prep process, but the honeymoon also requires advanced planning. Bespoke honeymoon planner Tom Marchant suggests starting six months in advance to give you some wiggle room, enabling you to share ideas with your partner and secure availability.

– Start with a budget. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re thinking about your first marriage adventure, but it’s no fun starting your life together with a ton of holiday debt!

– The budget should cover flights (coaches or trains if you’re travelling across country), accommodation, any activities you want to do and any rental transport.

– Oh, and don’t forget travel insurance. Exotic locales are perfect, but prone to exotic weather… Better to be safely covered.

– Be realistic – if your number crunching is making the trip seem impossible, think about money saving options: book a flight and hotel package, or even use a honeymoon registry. Rather than receiving three of the same kitchen appliance, why not suggest gifts towards your honeymoon? Popular registry sites include Wanderable and Honeyfund.

– Lastly, there’s no law that says you HAVE to take your honeymoon the day after your wedding. No one wants to dread the thought of packing on their big day! If it suits you to organise a trip the following week, or later in the month, that’s completely up to you. 

Get the Details Down

You’ve booked your flights, secured your hotel room for the week – but what about those small, romantic details that make a honeymoon more than just a holiday? Modern day honeymoon planning usually involves both bride and groom – this means the small surprises make all the difference! Show her you’ve made an effort with those all-important romantic touches.


honeymoon surprise


– Learn some foreign phrases. Nothing says enthusiasm like learning some local lingo to impress her with (especially sweet if you’re wining and dining).

– Gift her with a new camera – even disposable ones will do, as a perfect touch designed to capture those special, spur-of-the-moment experiences. 

– Don’t forget ­– it’s fine to have picked the perfect location, but think about what you want to do on your honeymoon. Maybe you’re after the perfect dose of relaxation, in which case you’ll want delicious dinner reservations and maybe even a spa or natural springs experience. If you’re an active pair, think about booking a scuba trip or tickets to the theatre. This is the perfect opportunity to throw a surprise in to your shared getaway!

– Hunt for activity ideas online and research the best of what’s on offer at your chosen destination. 

– Lastly, keep the communication going. If you’re planning to book a famous fancy restaurant, give your lady a hint and suggest she pack some formalwear. If you’re going to surprise her with a beautiful hiking trail, don’t forget to mention to bring walking shoes!

Good luck and bon voyage!

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