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Art deco accessories are hidden gems

A far remove from more mass-produced modern jewellery pieces, art deco jewellery is high in demand, stylishly limited and very, very popular at auction. 

Reviving the glamour of the 1920s and 30s, art deco jewellery is said to have soared in value, making it a reliable investment and a cutting-edge accessory statement. In the past ten years, art deco ornaments have increased by around 88% in value – that’s far more than house prices!

 If you’re not too sure what art deco regalia actually looks like, think chunky, geometric and brightly coloured; it stirs daydreams of 1920s jazz-filled Paris, modern art and antique cut diamonds. This stunning art deco watch belonged to Hollywood actress, Mae West.

Mae West

 Perhaps you even have some pieces lying in your jewellery box that look remarkably similar to these art deco styles. Funnily enough, plenty of people own increasingly valuable art deco accessories without realising their true value. Its hallmark or signature might not be recognisable at all – but that doesn’t mean it’s not a rare gem!

Tales of people unknowingly sitting on millions of pounds of rare items is certainly not unheard of (it’s definitely one of my fantasies!) and art deco jewellery is no exception; one lady from Yorkshire thought she owned a worthless piece of costume jewellery, only to discover it was a rare Chanel Twist Necklace designed by Coco herself! Even more of a discovery was the selling price – a whopping £68,500. Not bad for a trinket at the bottom of your jewellery box…

An even more startling discovery was a Boucheron Sapphire ring which sold for almost half a million pounds. Not only was the unsuspected rarity engraved with the French jeweller’s signature, its sapphire was an untreated gem that was sourced in Burma, the location of the most sublime sapphires on the planet! 

Rings in particular, often featuring an older-cut diamond, but remodelled with more contemporary baguette-cut shoulders or used as highlights, are in high demand. – Angela Marshall, valuer at Cheffins auction house

 So, now’s the time to start digging in your bedroom, attic and kid’s dress-up box, everyone – art deco jewellery is on the rise, and doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. Its qualities are timeless, shown in the fact that many celebrities sport distinctive art deco inspired accessories. For example, actress Scarlett Johansson’s engagement ring is a vintage stunner featuring three round diamonds, whilst Mary-Kate Olsen was gifted with a period piece, a 1953 Cartier ring featuring 16 sapphires. 

mary kate ringScarlett Johansson ring

 Of course, if you’re purchasing vintage jewellery, half a million pounds might be a little steep! On our online store you can find vintage-inspired designs created in the heart of the London diamond industry. Look below for some of our favourite timeless styles!

ringroma necklaceteardrop

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