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The Brilliant Round Up: January 19

This week in the world of diamonds:

A diamond the size of two golf balls has been uncovered in Lesotho, Southern Africa. At 910-carats, it is the fifth-biggest stone ever discovered, and as a D Colour Type IIa diamond it contains little to no nitrogen atoms. Gem Diamonds Ltd, the mining company to benefit from the find, consider it a “landmark discovery”, and their stock shares have rose by 18% as a result.


De Beers – the largest diamond producer in the world by value – plan to launch a blockchain in order to track diamonds from the mine all the way to the jewellery retailer. This is an initiative primarily intended to highlight De Beers’ ethical sources.  This technology will be open for the entire diamond industry to implement in order to prevent fraud, as well as convey the industry’s intended transparency to the general public. 


One recognisable 2018 trend is coloured diamonds, and recent auctions confirm their popularity; Bonhams, for example, sold two lots of yellow diamonds for well above estimate, reaffirming investment interest in fancy coloured diamonds. One Toronto-based company with expertise in wealth management predict the market’s continued growth. 

Bonham auction house reveal the most in-demand jewels of 2018. Topping the list are, once again, coloured diamonds – fancy blue diamonds in particular have risen by 8.1% in the last two years. Colourless diamonds also make the cut, with an emphasis on vintage stones; vintage styles in general are set to increase further in terms of buyer interest, with art deco jewellery sales up by 71.8% in the last decade.



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