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Millennial women appreciate authentic diamonds

The word Millennial has definitely caught on in the past several years and, apparently, so has the ardour of authentic diamonds. We approve! 

An online survey in the States investigating the relationship between women aged 18-34 and luxury items recently revealed its findings. Despite the sheer limitlessness of purchasing jewels and gems on the internet, these millennial ladies much prefer hunting for the real deal – luxury goods that are absolutely authentic.

 89% of the 1,000 women who took the survey prioritise genuine quality when Hatton by design diamond ringbuying items like diamonds. A quick tip – ensure your real diamond purchase comes with a stamp of authenticity! All of Hatton by Design’s loose diamonds and diamond rings come with a laboratory certification for your peace of mind.

 Plus, these ladies revealed a preference for that one special piece over a collection of lesser jewels. Looks like quality over quantity is the ideal. As Deborah Marquadt of the Diamond Producers Association pointed out: “in an increasingly artificial world diamonds remain authentic, rare and precious.”

 Yet the diamond isn’t only a symbol of genuineness in itself; results showed that purchasing authentic luxury goods aids women’s self-esteem, allowing them to visually convey their inner confidence. 66% said diamond jewellery gives them this assuring boost.

 And why wouldn’t it? Diamond jewellery offers more than money well spent – they can be imbued with unique symbolism and meaning. This is even more the case with opportunities like ‘design your own’ engagement rings.

 Here at Hatton we would love to hear your thoughts – what do luxury goods signify to you? If you love the idea of authenticity, check out our blog series designed to help you spot the real diamonds from the fakes!

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