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For Those Not In The Know: Guide To Proposals

No one has ever died from proposing (we hope). It’s big, but it’s also wonderful. To help settle those nerves we’ve tried to answer some frequently asked questions about how to go about proposing. In a nutshell, we propose you do it your way – comfortable and personal.


  • Do you need the father-in-law’s blessing? Although a little archaic to ask for permission, if possible, it is a nice touch to get your partner’s parents to give their blessing. When the time comes to ask the question, their parent’s blessing will show that this is a committed and thought out proposal, rather than a spur of the moment decision.
  • Do you have to propose with a ring? Technically, no. But, proposing with a diamond ring shows commitment, promise and sentiment. If it is carefully considered to their style, or a reflection of your relationship, the right ring could really up your chances of a ‘yes’. If you’re completely stuck on what diamond engagement ring to go for, we’ve given our advice on picking the perfect ring here
  • When’s the right time to propose? According to a report conducted last year, the average proposal comes 2.8 years into a relationship. However, when you know – you know. Life’s short, why wait until society deems it the norm?
  • Should you get down on one knee? Surprisingly, no one actually knows the origin of why men get down on one knee to propose. The first recorded act of kneeling to propose can be found in Victorian artworks. Even though we’re unsure as to why it started, the idea of kneeling before a loved one has historical connotations of submission, respect and worship. It also happens to be a great way to show off the all-important diamond ring.


The Proposal:

  • Make it personal: Whether you want to make a grandiose gesture of romance, or keep things intimate, make sure what ever you plan is personal. Assuming you know the person you’re planning to marry pretty well, you should have an idea of what they do and do not like. So, tailor the experience around this knowledge, make it about them. If your partner enjoys quality time and quiet nights in together, then a large scale, theatrical proposal with lots of people around isn’t particularly thoughtful. In this case, less is more.

  • Friends and Family: If your partner’s friends and/or family are a large part of their life, think about including them. Traditionally, men would propose in front of their partner’s parents and if you think this is a moment your partner would want to share with others, it would be a classic touch to get them involved. Make sure they are trustworthy enough to keep your proposal plans a secret, before inviting them to join in on the scheming. Including friends and family in the proposal does add layers of complexity to keeping the deed a secret - consider yourself warned!
  • Destination and Holiday Proposals: There is nothing quite like being on holiday. The everyday grievances of day-to-day life are distant memories. Bills, emails, work and the like are all the way back home, so naturally you’re much more relaxed. Is your holiday the right time to propose? Although it is becoming increasingly common to pop the question whilst away, if you’re a couple that enjoys travelling and forming new memories and experiences together - a destination proposal can be very personal indeed.


A Few Precautions

  • Some popular methods of proposing do not always end as planned. Incorporating food into the proposal can be incredibly risky. Do you really want a stranger to keep hold of the engagement ring and place it in the desert whilst you eat your meal? Do you really want to run the risk of your partner ending up in A&E because they ate the ring? Probably not. Probably best to avoid food proposals.
  • Location can also present problems. If you suffer with particularly bad nerves and are prone to dropping things, maybe consider proposing where you will not drop and/or lose the engagement ring. These things do happen… don’t let them happen to you.


If you find yourself a little stuck on how to propose find inspiration from some of our other customer proposal stories. We’ve also written up about current proposal trends, which you can read here. We can’t ask the question for you, but we can give you as much information as humanly possible to make you feel comfortable.

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