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Summer Engagement Photo Ideas

Traditionally, we spend a lot of time and money on photographers to capture our wedding day memories; but there has been a strong trend towards also having engagement photos. But how do you make sure you your engagement photos become keepsakes rather than throw-aways?

engagement photo by water

Pro or selfie?

Do you hire a professional photographer to take your engagement photos, best friend or just a selfie stick! Well I’d only recommend the latter if you’re aiming for the casual, spur-of-the moment look. In the summer months you can take advantage of the long days, sunlight and beautiful surroundings. A professional photographer should be able to get some pictures that look like they’re straight out of the movies, but a friend with a half-decent camera can also be a perfect solution.

Using a professional can be costly, but gives you a good opportunity to test a potential photographer prior to the big day – if their results are not up to your expectations, then you have the chance to make the switch to someone else for the wedding.

On the other-hand, having a friend or relative take the photos might only cost you the price of a drink afterwards; and the trick here is for them to take as many photos as they can and try different backgrounds and camera settings. Take a look at them as you go to see how you look  – going for loads of photos means your have more chance of getting that one special picture. Try and pick someone how really is into photography and knows how to use their camera properly.

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Summer sun

engagement photo woodsHowever you have your photos taken, we all want them to be perfect, and to be personal. In fact, more than just having the right photographer or great lighting, you really need to spend time thing about where the photo is taken, and what you will be wearing.

We’ve been looking through the best of Pinterest for inspiration, here is our summary (or should I say summer-y), but also take a look at our board https://www.pinterest.co.uk/hattonbydesign/summer-engagment-photos/

1.  Dress for your surroundings and occasion

Think about what you wear

What you and your partner wear will dictate how you feel; if you are uncomfortable in your clothes you may become self-conscious and that will affect how you come across in the pics. If you feel good, you look good.

Think about the colours of where you will be.  Don’t wear white if your backgrounds are going to have a lot of white walls; if you are going to be standing in front of a lot of shrubs, then green may not be ideal. You need to stand out from your background – but not too much!  Think about how your outfits will both stand out, but at the same time, be complimentary to the surroundings.

The couple to the left our surrounded by the green of the plants and the reflected green hues of the water, making a blue shirt and white dress ideal colour choices for their clothes.

2. Dress for the summer

Wear outfits that portray the sense of summer; wearing a sun-hat or sun-dress for example, shouts summer! Be careful though about wearing clothes that will get you too hot in the sun, the last thing you want is to be looking hot and sweaty. Breathable fabrics and shorter hemlines are the way to go. 

Don’t wear too little! Don’t be tempted too show too much skin – looking stylish will mean the photos will date less over the years; remember the golden rule – bare legs or bare shoulders but not both. For men photographers tend to recommend wearing longer sleeves because short, T-shirt sleeves draw the attention away from faces. 

engagement photo summer field

3. Stand out shoes or accessories

If you plann to have some pictures of you bieng held by your fiancé in choose some stunning shoes; notice how the eye is drawn to the shoes in each of these images..

engagement photo shoesengagement photo shoes 2engagement photo shoes 3

Be practical and plan ahead for the photo session. If your going to be wearing those killer heals, especially in a park, in the woods or on the beach don’t forget to take a change-pair for getting around.  If you are on an outdoor shoot, make a list of what you need to take with you: flat soles in case your stilettoes keep sinking into soft ground; a picnic blanket in case the grass is wet. What propos or change of clothes do you need? An umbrella – well it is the British summer!

Of course, if you are on the beach, then bare-foot is perfect, you get a laid-back seaside result, but the trick here is to have quite structured outfits as a contrast and to give a sense of occasion. White and navy blue are always a safe bet for beech elegance.


engagement photo ring

4. Be bold with jewellery

You can create some stunning images with a standout piece of jewellery, especially with an item that has sentimental value. Maybe some earrings that were a gift from your fiancé, or do you have some jewellery that is significant to you or your family. Wearing your mother’s or grandmother’s necklace for example will make the photo even more special to your loved ones.

Of course, don’t forget the engagement ring, you can have some fun by releasing your artistic skill; usng the ring as a frame around your fiancé for example, or even the setting sun...


5. Make props personal

If you are in the great British countryside having your photo taken leaning on a bike, like this one, then the photo will be even better if: one, you and your partner actually are bike riders, and two, its your own bike. In twenty years time you can look back at the photo and say “remember how we used to go for rides and that bike”, rather than “why on earth was I leaning on some random bike we found in the park”!

engagement photo with bike

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