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GIA creates sythetic diamond detector

Continuing the fight against hidden synthetics...

When you buy a diamond you need to know if it is "natural" or "synthetic", but some unscrupulous suppliers are not totally forthcoming, which is why the GIA has announced a new device for the diamond trade to easily separate the natural diamonds from the rest. Independent certification from companies like GIA is of paramount necessity when purchasing diamond jewellery.


New Synthetic Diamond Detecting device

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has unveiled a new machine for identifying synthetic diamonds, including stones that have been mounted in jewellery.

Using advanced spectroscopic technology, the machine can pinpoint natural, untreated diamonds above approximately 0.005 carats with D to Z colour, the GIA announced last week. The device will be able to reliably differentiate between natural diamonds and all types of synthetic lab-grown or treated ones.

This new synthetic-testing machines can even scan diamonds that are already part of jewelry pieces.

Suasn Jacques CEO of GIAThe CEO of the GIA, Susan Jacques (pictured), says “There is perhaps no greater issue in the gem and jewellery trade today than concerns about the possibility of undisclosed synthetic diamonds being inadvertently sold to. This new instrument is the culmination of more than 60 years of GIA research into synthetic diamonds and will give the trade the ability to have immediate confidence in their diamonds.”

GIA executive vice president and chief laboratory and research officer Tom Moses added: “Synthetic diamonds are becoming more prevalent in the market and, if they are disclosed, are a legitimate choice for consumers. GIA and other gemmological laboratories play a critical role in ensuring that disclosure”.

Unscrupulous suppliers have for years been adding synthetic diamonds into the supply chain without declaring them as such, making it more important than ever for those purchasing diamond jewellery to ensure that they receive a certificate of authenticity for their diamond purchase - and from a reputable certifier such as the GIA. At Hatton by Design, we sell diamonds graded by HRD, GIA, IGI and GSI. These independent diamond experts complete a professional examination to grade all the characteristics of each diamond. 

Wuyi Wang, the GIA’s director of research and development, showcased a functioning prototype of the machine in Surat last week at the Diamond Detection Expo and Symposium, an event hosted by the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council. 

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