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Ways to Spot a Fake Diamond. No.4

No.4 Can You See Through It?


At Hatton by Design all of our diamonds are certified. But just in case you’re ever in any doubt about a diamond that you already own, here’s a clever way of detecting a fake....

diamond refraction

How light shines through a diamond is a good indicator of authenticity


Diamonds are so efficient at refracting light that you cannot see through them. When light hits a diamond, some of it bounces straight off, but most will enter and be bent (refracted), hit an internal surface and bounce out again (maybe refracting a little more on the way out); this is what gives a diamond such a magnificent ‘sparkle’.  

The cut of the diamond plays an important part in how light is refracted, and so, how much sparkle, each diamond has (see our article about diamond shapes).



newpsaper through diamond 


You can use this characteristic of diamonds for a quick an easy test to check to see if your diamond is real. Take a piece of newspaper, or the page from a book, and place a diamond on top of the text. If you have a real diamond it will be impossible to read any of the text through it, however a glass or cubic zirconia will allow some of the light to pass through and you will see the text, all be it slightly distorted.




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