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Engagement Rings: The Trilogy Trend

Good things come in threes.

Lord of the Rings, three-piece suits, a three course meal. Three is the magic number for a good reason. So, it comes as no surprise that the trilogy ring has held up against the ever-changing engagement ring trends, with the three stone design placing itself as a timeless classic in an endless array of diamond engagement rings. 

The trilogy ring is about to get even more popular as Meghan Markle (yes – that is Rachel from Suits) and Prince Harry announce their engagement, with none other than a trilogy ring to seal the deal. 

Meghan’s ring is full of personal significance and thought. Prince Harry made many careful considerations when selecting each element of the engagement ring. The centre stone is from Botswana, the location the couple spent their time getting to know each other. The side stones are from the late Princess Diana’s jewellery collection, so Harry’s mother can be with them on their ‘crazy journey together’. The three stones are set into a yellow gold mount (Meghan’s favourite jewellery colour) which was designed by the Queen’s personal jeweller, Cleave and Company. 

Trilogy Rings have been a popular choice because of there significance and sentimentality. Some believe the three stones symbolise the past, the present and future. Some have said it represents friendship, love and fidelity. More than ever, partners are appreciating rings that are bound in sentimentality over size and value – Prince Harry’s personal design is a testament to this. Designing a bespoke rings shows that you know your partner, and shows them that you care about how the ring represents your relationship. Simply put, a bespoke ring means more. 

Trilogy Ring

Trilogy rings have been around for a long time, and are only going to get more popular thanks to the Royal Engagement. Beyond the trend, does the trilogy ring have any personal signifcance to you and your relationship? Hatton Garden has a wide range of trilogy rings and engagement rings alike, but perhaps selecting your own ring elements through Hatton by Design could make your ring just that little bit more meaningful..

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