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Wedding dress inspo for brides seeking simplicity

Everyone knows that the wedding dress equates to the ‘wow!’ moment; a bride wants to feel comfortable, confident and 100% beautiful in their day-of-dress. There are so many styles of outfit to suit the shape and personality of the wearer – yet admittedly, too much choice can be stressful and overwhelming. If you’re not totally clued-up on what fit, length, skirt (so many factors!) is your ideal, you’re not alone; a good designer understands that not every bride is a walking fashion guru!

rachel zoe bridal

And Rachel Zoe is no exception; designer to celebrities, beauty firms and fashion houses, her twenty years’ experience has seen her become a leading influence when it comes to fashion. Despite this extensive career, Zoe is only just starting to explore the world of bridal wear, launching a wedding line this month that’s filled with classic, simplistic and beautiful designs. 

Zoe’s products are all available on her website and include international shipping. If you’re not too comfortable with ordering such a significant purchase online, look at her line as inspiration! The biggest bridal wear challenge is discovering what you’re actually looking for in a dress, and exploring different designers is a brilliant way to do this. 

What I love about Zoe’s bridal edit is the down-to-earth message behind it; it recognises that the lengthy, preparatory process that is picking a bridal outfit isn’t for everyone. As she put it in her interview with Brides.com, some people just aren’t the ‘bridey bride’, and some people aren’t looking for a gown at all! Included in her wide variety of looks is a white sequined tuxedo that appears practical and classic.

 If you love Grecian-style dresses, this off shoulder piece will be a dream; simple, flowing sheaths feature strongly in the images revealed so far. Zoe is a firm advocate of the idea that ‘less is more’, and these dresses succeed in being incredibly simplistic, yet striking: they have ‘little hints of special.’

rachel zoe grecian briderachel zoe bridal

The best thing about simplistic styles? You can adapt them completely with accessories! Use your dress as a canvas of sorts to feature special pieces of jewellery that convey your personality, style and desired bridal theme. Match with a stunning pair of diamond teardrop earrings to further a vintage tone, or flaunt a dazzling bracelet to add a touch of Hollywood glamour. We’ve paired a few styles below with Hatton by Design exclusive jewellery, for your inspiration!

rachel zoe bridalRachel zoe bridal

hatton ViennaVienna ringverona earringsmilano bracelet

Another daunting prospect of wedding dress shopping can be the strain on your bank account. Amazingly, Zoe’s A-list designs range between $595 to $1000; that’s between around £455 to £765, showing that the bridal market is expanding to cater for different budgets.

Have any of these timeless styles made it on your list of wedding inspirations? Let us know below!

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